Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre

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Arlpwe Art Gallery has a wonderful range of different paintings and authentic artifacts, including highly collectible artworks by the senior ladies.

Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre is comprised of an Aboriginal Art Gallery, two Art Centres and a Pottery Training Studio located 350km North of Alice Springs, Australia, in Ali Curung, a remote Aboriginal Community.

Owned and operated by the Arlpwe Artists Aboriginal Corporation, the centre promotes the artistic works of local artisans, including paintings, pottery and artefacts, in an effort to provide a method of telling traditional stories through the artwork, and in particular, keeping the culture of the region alive for future generations.

Featured Artist: Judy Long, (Photographer: Mr Barry Skipsey)

Judy Nampijinpa Long was born at Neutral Junction near Barrow Creek, and she has two daughters. She came to Ali Curung with her parents from Neutral Junction Station. She worked as a cleaner at the Police Station. She started painting at the Women’s Centre in 1990’s. She started painting traditional paintings of her father’s country; her dreaming is Ngapa (water, rain). Her mother Napanangka is from Warlukurlangu in Kaytetye country west of Stirling Station.

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