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The 2018 DAAFF Fashion Show

“From County to Couture – The DAAF Fashion Show” celebrates the marriage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary fine art and high end fashion. The success of textile design movement in remote Indigenous communities has led to exciting collaborations with well know Australian designers. The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation felt it was time to showcase this exciting couture at a national level.

When: Wednesday, 8 August 2018
Show 1: matinee 4pm
Show 2: evening 8pm

Show duration: 1.5 hours

Entry: $55 (seating)

2018 Highlights

Grace Lillian Lee Creative Director

Grace Lillian Lee is a graduate from RMIT University with Honors in Fashion Design. An Artist, Designer and Curator from Cairns she uses her fashion knowledge as a platform to explore her cultural identity. Of multi-cultural background – including German, Danish, English and Chinese – it is her Torres Strait Islander heritage that has captured her imagination. With a strong desire to work with Communities and to encourage creative expression, delving deeper into Indigenous culture Grace moved towards mentoring young people in Aboriginal Art Centres. Here her purpose was to guide members towards developing their art into textiles and adornment in a contemporary way.

Through orchestrating the sharing of artistic culture between generations and exploring the social realities of heritage in a performance arena, Grace has shone
the light on collaboration via a fashion platform.

She has already worked successfully with Mornington Island Art Centre in the Gulf of Carpentaria; Daly River community Nuiyu and Katherine; collaborated with Darnley Island in the Torres Straits and curated fashion performances for Stella Magazine in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

She is the founder of the CIAF Indigenous Fashion Performances that began in 2013 and has also produced Indigenous Fashion Performances in Melbourne,
Adelaide, Darwin and recently at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. She has also personally showcased her collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, New Zealand, and San Francisco.

Grace’s creations have exhibited at the Jam Factory, Adelaide and Cairns Regional Gallery. Her work has been acquired by the South Australia Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Cairns Regional Gallery and Australian Institute of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Studies.

2017 Highlights

‘From Country to Couture’ The DAAFF Fashion Show

Art Centre: Yarrabah Art Centre

Designer: Shannon Brett

Constantly experimenting with fresh ideas and striving to push their artwork in exciting new directions, Yarrabah Art Centre presents a modern monochromatic look for the fashion conscious, in collaboration with designer Shannon Brett. True to their abstract shapes and stories of country, the Yarrabah artists create their well known patterns using textiles as a medium. Easy to wear for any occasion, these garments present a bold statement for the ever evolving Yarrabah Art Centre.

Art Centre: Warlukurlangu Artists

Designers/Trainers: Batchelor Institute

BIITE (Batchelor Institute) in Alice Springs has been working with six senior artists from Warlukurlangu Artists in Yuendumu NT, to produce a cohesive collection for the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation’s fashion show and London Fashion Week.

Art Centre: Palngun Wurnangat Art Centre

Designer: Kayleigh Gosselink

The Palngun Wurnangat Art Centre collection has been created in collaboration with Kayleigh Gosselink. It is a fusion of northern European simplicity and the vibrant colour and pattern of Wadeye fabric, using both screen printing and lino block prints. The collection is influenced by the Japanese designers of the 1980’s blended with Vivienne Westwood combinations of ethnic fabrics.

Art Centre: Injalak Arts and Crafts

Designer: Blackcat Couture

This collection is a collaboration with Injalak Arts and Crafts’ fabric designers and screen printers and “Rise” which is an Indigenous women’s sewing group from Gunbalanya Community. Marcia Russell from Blackcat Couture has provided her vintage designs and played a significant role in the production of the collection. Injalak artists Sylvia Badari, Selina Nadjowh, Katra Nganjmirra and Priscilla Badari have contributed their exciting designs to the project.

Art Centre: Hopevale Arts & Cultural Centre

Designer: Shannon Brett

Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre debut fashion collection,   is from far north Queensland and is a combination and accumulation of 2 years artistic fabric design with designer Shannon Brett.  These exciting formations and rich fabrics express the stories of the lands of Hopevale. The designers ability to reveal these stories comes to life in her fresh contemporary creations. The collection is colourful and sophisticated, comfortable and mesmerising. The collection’s name is “MAARAARR” which is the Guugu Yimithirr language name for “clothing”. The collection design was inspired by the beautiful traditional lands of the Guugu Yimithirr people and the artists abilities to transfer their stories of their country onto the stunning fabrics.

Art Centre: Ikuntji Artists

Designer: Forkleaf

Over the past year Ikuntji Artists developed in cooperation with The Forkleaf Project a fashion collection focusing on the flowers found in the desert. Inspired by the rich flora emerging after the summer rains this collection indulges in vibrant colours, bold patterns and designs evoking spring and summer.

Art Centre: Bàbbarra Designs

Designer: Publisher Textiles

Bàbbarra Women’s Centre designs tell ancestral stories and myths from the depths of Arnhem Land. These designs reflect the artist’s deep cultural knowledge and connection to land, yet tell ancient stories in a fresh, bold and contemporary way. For this range, Bàbbarra Women Centre has teamed up with their long time friends and collaborators at Publisher Textiles. Working closely on the range, the Publisher Textiles team have designed and sewn each garment by hand in their Sydney based warehouse. All garments are for sale- please come to the Bàbbarra Women’s Centre stand for details.

Art Centre & Designer: Bana Yirriji Art

The Wujal Wujal Silk Collection is a collaboration of seven artists including Doreen Creek, Carmel Haines, Lila Creek, Keryl Tayley, Anne Nunn, Jarrett Bassani and Cairns based Indigenous textile artist Lynelle Flinders. They have produced a collection that illustrates their stories from the reef and rain forests of Far North Queensland. The silks have been hand dyed and hand printed, revealing an explosion of colour and movement.

Art Centre: Tiwi Designs

Designers: Sista Gals Inc

Tiwi Designs are working closely with a local group of ‘Sista Gals’ who are doing certificates in Visual Arts at Batchelor Institute in Katherine. They have developed a range of clothing for release at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. The Sista Gals Inc collection has been produced, presented and modeled by the participants involved in coordinating the collection. The ‘Gals’ work with the textile and fashion design department at Batchelor Institute and with the assistance of Tiwi Designs.

Art Centres: Bàbbarra, Injalak Arts & Crafts, Palngun Wurnangat Art Centre and Tiwi Designs

Designer: Albertini

Albertini is a Darwin designer who creates couture evening wear featuring Aboriginal printed fabrics.  All the gowns are one off designs with the focus on enhancing the prints in ball gown style formal wear. The incredible textile artists from Art Centres including Bàbbarra, Injalak Arts & Crafts, Palngun Wurnangat Art Centre and Tiwi Designs are included in the collection.

Art Centre: Marnin Studio

Designer: The Ark

Marnin Studio has secured philanthropic support to deliver a cross cultural women’s collaborative fashion project.  The project brings three young women designers and an assistant from Fitzroy Crossing WA together with four young designers from Melbourne. Marnin Studio’s collection represents the body of contemporary design developed throughout the studio over the past four years as part of their artists in residency program across different mediums including block print, screen print and using local bush dyes.