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Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre is the Indigenous community controlled Art Centre of Northeast Arnhem Land located in Yirrkala, a small Aboriginal community, approximately 700km east of Darwin.

‘Buku-Larrnggay’ means the feeling on your face as it is struck by the first rays of the sun – this denotes that Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre is located in the most easterly place in the Top End of Australia – Miwatj or the Sunrise country. ‘Mulka’ is a sacred but public ceremony. It also means to hold or protect. Thus the Art Centre is the North-east Arnhem Land Cultural Centre and Keeping Place.

Buku-Larrnggay Mulka has a long and proud history as one of Australia’s premier Art Centres and Indigenous culture strongholds. The artists of the Centre have established a worldwide reputation for excellence, which is exemplified by their winning of many of Australia’s major Indigenous art prizes.

Our primarily Yolŋu staff, of around twenty, services Yirrkala and the approximately twenty-five homeland centres in a radius of 200km.

Featured Artist: Mulkuṉ Wirrpanda, Yirrkala

Mulkuṉ Wirrpanda is a senior female artist for the Dhuḏi-Djapu clan from Dhuruputjpi. Mulkuṉ paints Dhuḏi-Djapu miny’tji (sacred design) that depicts her land at Dhuruputjpi as well as secular paintings documenting Yolŋu plants as important food and medicinal sources.

Mulkuṉ paints on bark, ḻarrakitj (memorial poles) and yiḏaki (didjeridus) and is a talented carver, weaver and print maker. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia and in Asia.

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