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Bima Wear established 1969, is a Tiwi women’s fabric design, printmaking and clothing enterprise based at Wurrumiyanga (formerly Nguiu), Bathurst Island, Tiwi Islands.

Bima Wear produces unique fabric prints and sewn garments in brilliant, bold, timeless designs. Fabrics feature traditional symbols, structures and family and environmental representations that are central to Tiwi culture.

Featured Artist: Agnes Mary Portaminni – Centre

Born: 08/06/1959, Nguiu, Bathurst Island
Skin Group: Takaringuwi
Clan: Malawu, Pujinllowu
Started Work at Bima Wear: 1978
Mediums: Fabric design, Linocuts, Etching
Designs: Yirrikipayi (Vicki’s design)

Agnes Mary Portaminni is one of Bima Wear’s longstanding members who sews garments and produced one of Bima Wear’s popular textile designs named Yirrikipayi (crocodile back).

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