Join us at the Darwin Convention Centre - 5-7 August 2016

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair showcases the contemporary fine art of over fifty Australia Indigenous Art Centres at its annual event. The fair is held in Darwin, on Larrakia Lands, at the Darwin Convention Centre.

The Fair was designed to complement the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, and is held in August when the city of Darwin becomes the focal point of the nation for visitors with an interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, and the celebrations of the Darwin Festival.

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair provides a unique opportunity to purchase works from over fifty Aboriginal owned community Art Centres. Experience the rich diversity of these beautiful, unique works that have been inspired by the country’s most remote desert and coastal regions, to rural and urban communities.

You’ll find works from established and emerging artists that chart the future of this vibrant and evolving contemporary indigenous art scene. The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair boasts a program of demonstrations, workshops and spectacular traditional dance performances which guarantee a memorable experience for all who attend.

We look forward to you joining us and engaging with the contemporary creations of the oldest continuous living culture in the world.


Ethical Purchasing

Ethical purchase of Indigenous Artworks is very important to the management and participants of the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. You can find resources about ethical purchase by downloading this Consumer Purchasing Guide, produced by ANKAAA in association with the Northern Territory Government. Also feel free to learn more about the Indigenous Art Code, which helps provide a framework for the ethical purchase and sale of Aboriginal artworks.

Acknowledgement of Larrakia Country

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation acknowledges the value, diversity and integrity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, music and performance as an integral expression of Australian culture and we respect the work of Art Centres in their support of the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural aspirations and expressions.

We acknowledge the Larrakia people, both past and present, as the Traditional Owners of the land upon which the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation will present events. We appreciate the opportunity to share this country and are committed to working together and appropriately consulting with the Larrakia people in presenting the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair.


Take a trip down memory lane and visit past events in our photo gallery.

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